Smart Food

Fast Food.
Smart Food.

Steamatic® Pro prepares dishes such as scrambled eggs, porridge, soups or desserts with minimal effort. With natural ingredients, without any artificial flavor enhancers.

Oh yes: It’s lightning fast too ;-)

Faster than you can say hamburger with fries, ketchup and soft drink. Healthier too :-)

Steamatic® Pro is the all-in-one solution for your catering or company kitchen. Whether it’s a gas station, bakery, gym or in the office. All dishes can be prepared in seconds. Without unnecessary dishes, pan or stove.

This is how smart food works.

From breakfast to dessert in no time.

With Steamatic® Foods we offer a variety of delicious dishes. Fluffy scrambled eggs, delicious porridge, creamy soups and various types of sweet desserts. 

Good Appetite.

Scrambled eggs

This is Steamatic® Pro.
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